Pocket Pro App for Business – The Admin App for Professionals on the Go

Pocket Pro App for Business – The Admin App for Professionals on the Go

PocketPro is a leading admin work management app for business professionals on the go. PockerPro simplifies three major admin nightmares of professionals 1) Expenses management, 2) Timesheet preparation and 3) Travel booking and management.

PocketPro’s Expense management has the simplest design and easiest user experience, yet provides powerful, categorised expense reports. The expense management also includes an inbuilt currency converter for frequent international travellers. Snap the picture, upload and relax !

Completing timesheets is another admin nightmare, we get it. That’s why we built TimeSheet. Imagine completing your daily timesheet in less than 10 seconds? Pick from a list of clients/projects and allocate to the time to each while you’re on the commute home. Even better, create a template and just reuse it in seconds. And best of all, set up notification reminders so you never forget to do your timesheet again!

Save even more time using our online Travel concierge that allows users to simply submit travel requests to our online travel agency, and we’ll do all the running around for you – presenting you with the best quotes for flights, trains, car rental and hotels without you spending hours on websites doing all that tedious searching around.

With an upgrade to PockerPro Plus you can create your own recharge codes, collaborate by inviting staff members to the same account, gain real time visibility of your team’s expenditure and enable more advanced analytics reporting within the app.

Just the right app, for you and your business to save money, time and effort, and yet manage admin activities effortlessly.

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